5 Steps to Help Kick Start Your Fitness Goals

By May 12, 2014 No Comments

If it’s been a while since you slipped into a pair of trainers, here are some tips to help you get back into the fitness groove.

5 Steps to Help Kick Start Your Fitness Goals

Everyone admires the concept of a fresh start, especially when it comes to their health and wellness. Often, it’s realistic to plan and have goals for improving your fitness – and sometimes, letting those goals slide by the wayside. But there are a few motivational tips to help get you and your goals back into sight again.

Learn to have fun

It’s normal to find your current exercise routine boring. Why not make a list of activities you would like to try, but never have, and see how realistic it is to try and attempt them? Tai Chi, kickboxing, tennis…any sort of sport or activity that has never blipped on your radar before. Pare down your list to the ones that you can do reasonably soon and go from there. You may just find something you love that is also loads of fun.

Warwick Women’s Workout offers the fun and popular Zumba classes

As a prime example of a fun workout activity, we have Zumba at Warwick Women’s Workout every Saturday from 9-10am! Each class is only $10 and lasts for a fun-filled entire hour!

Now that you have a plan…

…keep in mind that goals are the end means of a plan. You can stay on the right track if you focus on what it is you want and take smaller steps to get there if necessary.

Try working out on a circuit for variety

As an example, our new Perth fitness facility offers a ladies only fitness circuit. Each circuit is only 30 minutes – and perfect for when your mind gets a bit bored with one particular activity.

The circuit works like this: start it at any time you want, whether you start with an aerobics workout, cardio, or strength training. Each varying exercise involved in the circuit will assist with increasing your stamina and energy. The benefits? Working the circuit also helps decrease your body fat and increase lean body weight.

Find mutual support for your goals in a woman-exclusive gym

We hope that you will give Warwick Women’s Workout a try – for all of your fitness and wellness goals! Contact us on (08) 9342 9028.