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Boost Your Immunity, Boost Your Health

By December 4, 2014 No Comments

The best defense is a good offense: be proactive with your health and ward off illness.

No one likes being ill – it intrudes into our social, family and work lives – and costs time and money, as well as well-being. But with a few smart moves you can strengthen your immunity and nip illness in the bud before it happens with these suggestions.

Boost Your Immunity, Boost Your Health

Say yes to yoga

Yoga is wonderful for a variety of reasons – for stress relief, muscle and limb stretching and stimulating your circulation. It’s often called the wonder ‘exercise’ for these reasons and more, and it’s a low impact way to keep your body in tip top shape.

Keep your kitchen in shape

Stock your pantry with foods and supplements that not only taste good but will bolster your immunity. Keep away from processed foods with added sugars and chemicals; buy food with natural antioxidants such as blueberries, acai, pineapple and Brazil nuts. Take a nutritional supplement if you feel it will help as well. Drink plenty of water, too!

Don’t stop moving

You probably already have a fitness routine that you adhere to – excellent! Active exercisers are less likely to become ill. Steady workouts – even daily walks – are great for your heart, bones and more. Just don’t overdo it – experts say 2-3 hours of exercise per week is sufficient for optimum health.

Cheers – but in moderation

It’s been shown recently that an alcoholic bevvie every now and then helps to boost your immunity. Red wine, especially, has compounds that actually help keep you healthy. But remember, especially at social events and at the holidays, to take it easy and not overdo the booze.

Sleep tight

Tired bodies need rest, so if you’re beat, you need to make an effort to get a good night’s sleep. Sleep deprivation invites stress and illness – so make sure you get plenty of shuteye (around 7-8 hours per day).

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