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Can These Foods Help Brain Function?

By November 11, 2014 No Comments

We all want to be sharper and smarter – and we can, through the magic of food.

When you eat healthfully, do you usually think about the end result being weight loss? Don’t discount the effect eating healthy foods will have on your mind as part of your fitness program. Eating for sharper brain function is as easy as any other! Here are some wonder foods to consider.

Fancy fish

Essential fatty acids are critical to a healthy brain. Omega-3 fats occur in oily fish such as kippers, sardines, salmon and trout. Vegan sources of omega-3s can be found in many seeds, such as flax and pumpkin, and in soybeans and walnuts.

Foods For Brain Function

Be in love with berries

Blueberries, almost more than any other berry, has been known to delay short term memory loss. Plus, the antioxidant ability of blueberries is great for the rest of you, too. Blackcurrants, too, have significant amounts of Vitamin C which also helps mental clarity.

Tango with tomatoes

Good thing you’ll find tomatoes as the basis for many foods, such as salsas, ketchup and pasta sauce, because tomatoes’ antioxidant, lycopene, is essential in helping to prevent dementia. Bonus: plenty of vitamin C can be found in tomatoes, both raw and cooked.

Party with pumpkin

Pumpkin is queen of the gourds. Its seeds are rich in zinc and its flesh is full of fibre and vitamin A, is low in fat and fills you up. Plus, they’re so much fun to look at!

Syncing with supplements

Of course, taking nutritional supplements in addition to your healthy diet is a good idea as well. Talk to your physician or nutritionist about the best supplements to complement your diet, especially ones that will boost brainpower. If for some reason you have a diet that is not nutritionally sound, you may want to consider a multivitamin or an omega-3 supplement to replace some of the nutrients you might be missing.

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