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Eleven Ways to Give Your Health a Spring Clean!

By October 3, 2014 No Comments

Jump start your fitness program for spring in Perth!

Get a physical exam

Even if you feel okay, a comprehensive physical can detect if anything is amiss with your health.

Plan a new fitness schedule

If you’ve changed workplaces or have experienced a life change, your fitness routine may need to change, too. Tailor a workout schedule to your calendar that suits your new lifestyle.

Partner in crime

Having someone to work out with will whittle away your waistline – and your excuses. Find someone whose schedule complements yours!

Give Your Health a Spring Clean

New shoe review

Take a look at your gym shoes or trainers. Are they run down? Do they smell bad or hurt your feet? Invest in a new pair, preferably professionally fitted.

Perk up your pantry

Do a good cleanout of old spices, shrivelled snacks and stale bread. Re-stock with healthful foods, like brown rice pasta, tinned chickpeas and low-sodium soups.

Keep your skin protected

The older you get, the more your skin needs help keeping moisturised. Look for body and face lotions that include sunscreen for extra protection.

Purge your playlist

Still working out to the same songs from 2012? Freshen up and download new tunes to workout to. Check the iTunes store or Spotify for recommendations.

Try jumping rope

If you haven’t jumped rope since childhood, you never forget how. This cardio exercise burns around 200 calories in a 20 minute workout.

Chuck the old workout duds

You don’t want to be seen in stained old t-shirts and sports bras that have seen better days. Treat yourself to some sassy new workout clothes.

Get stretchy

Many people discount the importance of stretching before a workout. It prevents injury and gives oxygen to your muscles. Ask your trainer the best way for you to stretch.

Wet your whistle

Like stretching, some folks just forget to drink enough water before and during a workout. Dehydration causes muscle cramping, so drink about 2 litres of water daily.

Need to Spring Clean Your Health?

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