Exercise Tips For The Working Mum: You’re Never ‘Too Busy’

By July 17, 2014 No Comments

There are tricks to get around the excuse of not having enough time to get in shape.

Of course you keep busy with your job, kids, household and volunteering, as well as your hobbies and social life. So where, oh where, exactly, do you fit exercise in with all of the above?

Exercise Tips For The Working Mum

It’s easy to make ‘lack of time’ an excuse – but here is the key thing: since exercise is an important part of your health, try to choose the workout or regime that is most convenient to your lifestyle.

Try these workarounds

If you live in a place that has its own fitness gym or workout room – such as an apartment building – use it. Take advantage of it, especially if it’s offered for free. Just make sure to abide by the same courtesies you would use in a more public gym – cleaning the equipment after use, etc.

If you work a full time job, use your lunch hour to get a bit of a workout in. Bring your trainers with you and complete a 30 minute lap around the building or neighbourhood.

Set a goal. Even if it’s 30 or 45 minutes per week, afford yourself that time to slip into something comfortable and make exercise a priority then. It will seem much more achievable and reasonable if you block off a square of time even if you space it out during the week.

Get up early and work out early. Why not take the time to wake up before the rest of your household and call that your ‘me’ time? Whether you head to the gym, work out in the living room or jog around the Perth neighbourhood, it’s a great time to concentrate on yourself without any interruptions. The best part of working out earlier in the day is your body will continue to burn calories throughout the day which, of course, assists in weight loss.