What to Expect in a Zumba Class: Fun & Fitness!

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Working out to Latin beats add up to a fitter you

What is this Zumba which has taken the fitness world by storm? Simply put, Zumba is a dance-fitness party created in the 1990s by a Colombian fitness instructor who, as the story goes, was due to give an aerobics class and instead of his usual music, popped in some Latin music CDs into his stereo – and a new craze was born.

Zumba Class at Perth Fitness Centre

These days, you’ll find Zumba classes – led by Zumba-certified fitness instructors – at workout centres in more than 180 countries. There are Zumba classes for kids, the aged, and everyone in between, with varying levels of ability.

Moving to the music

Zumba classes typically last for one hour (60 minutes). As to the music style, it’s upbeat, featuring classic Latin styles such as mambo, salsa and merengue, mixed here and there with hip-hop and the newly popular reggaeton. The routine sometimes includes elements of martial arts and kickboxing.

You’ll be put through different intensity levels during the hour long session. The pace and movements are varied and matched to the rhythm of the music, which is beneficial so different muscles are used in different sequence, making the workout ultra effective. You’ll build strength and increase your energy.

Women and men alike have likened their Zumba sessions to a dance party – without the feel of a traditional dance class. When instructors plan a Zumba routine, they make certain to incorporate movements for both legs and arms, as well as a variety of moves for different directions. This keeps the routine from becoming, well, routine. Students are instructed to repeat movements during the class, which makes it easy to remember for all levels or experience.

Find Zumba at Warwick Women’s Workout

Get in the groove at our Perth fitness centre each Saturday from 9-10am! Our Zumba class lasts one hour and is $10 per session.

Why Warwick Women’s Workout

There are many reasons women feel comfortable and confident whilst getting fit at Warwick Women’s Workout. The environment is motivational, fun, and friendly, amongst others!

Our state of the art centre is a women-only, non-intimidating environment. We encourage women of all ages, figures, and exercise abilities to do what they can, at the pace they desire.

To learn more, call us on (08) 9342 9028.