Fitness and Menopause: How to Stay Healthy at that Stage of Life

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Whether you are approaching menopause or deep in the thick of it, staying active can make a difference in the way you feel

Menopause is an important physical milestone in a woman’s life. With the varied symptoms, it’s sometimes easy to just feel like you want to take it easy day by day.

But being active physically is an important part of improving the way you feel through your entire life, and the menopause years shouldn’t be any different.

How to Stay Healthy During Menopause

Benefits of staying active

There are plenty. For instance, you will lessen the chance of breast cancer and other diseases, lose weight (or prevent weight gain if you are fit), maintain bone strength and elevate mood. Whilst physical activity won’t help relieve or reduce the symptoms of menopause (such as hot flushes), a regular fitness program can certainly help relieve menopausal related stress.

How much exercise is enough?

Any amount of physical activity is good, but for women experiencing menopause or even perimenopause, physicians recommend aerobic activity for a minimum of an hour and a half per week or 75 minutes of more intense activity. Moderate strength training is beneficial, as well. Before embarking on any fitness routine, however, always check with your doctor beforehand to get the green light.

Recommended activities

There is a wealth of different ways to stay physically fit and they don’t all require a gym membership or fancy equipment or even a lot of effort. For instance, if you enjoy swimming, water aerobics is a low impact activity that is also relaxing. Yoga, with its many stretching poses, helps keep your circulatory system in check and makes you more flexible.

Light strength training – even when you use dumbbells in your living room – is helpful in melting away unwanted body fat. Even walking, dancing, gardening, bike riding and similar activities are all helpful in keeping your body in check during the years of menopause.

How we can help

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