Top 4 Reasons Why Women-Only Workout Spaces Prompt Better Results

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In a women-exclusive fitness facility, positivity and support are key

It’s one thing to get excited about a new fitness regimen. You anticipate getting in shape, sweating out those nasty toxins and getting your skin to glow. But when you think about joining a fitness centre, does that give you a pause – especially if you’re a woman?

Women-Only Workout Spaces Prompt Better Results

Women-exclusive fitness centres may be a better fit

Many women are slightly uncomfortable exercising in a co-ed gym. Working out is a personal thing, with lots of concentration involved and the last thing a woman wants from male members is to be stared at or approached. Exercising in a women-only facility is a more reasonable option, with the opportunity to not feel self-conscious about physical ability or body shape.

Equipment and program customisations

Women’s bodies develop differently from a man’s, therefore, they react differently to exercise. Tailoring the fitness equipment to a woman’s special physical needs is critical in order to get the best results. All of the PACE equipment at Warwick Women’s Workout work only as hard as you do, which enables you to control the equipment to accommodate your fitness level.

A ‘cosier’ atmosphere

Great friendships can be formed in a smaller facility. With fewer members, there is more of an opportunity to forge a relationship with a specific trainer because the ratio of trainers to members can be greater. On days when you need specific support, you will be able to turn to your fellow women and discuss what’s on your mind – or even find a dedicated workout partner. Smaller facilities can actually feel ‘cosy’ compared to big box co-ed gyms.

Gaining the confidence you want

As stated above, women tend to understand each other’s problems. If you are struggling with a weight issue, many other women will be able to empathise! Having support from other women will be a boon to your confidence while working out – and even after you leave the facility to go home.

Warwick Women’s Workout located in Perth, is one such facility for women. Considering the above points, all-female gyms are definitely more suitable for women who want to get into shape and stay fit. They provide the ideal environment for safe, peaceful workouts.

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