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When to Use Workout Technology – and When Not To

By December 2, 2014 No Comments

Tech can be wonderful and useful – yet, to a degree.

Long gone are the days when the fitness fanatic would log their workouts, reps and miles in a journal with a good old fashioned pen. These days, everything has gone high tech – even when it comes time to monitor your workouts.

Use of Workout Technology By Perth Fitness Trainers

But there is sometimes a limit to utilising technology for fitness purposes. It is entirely possible to become too reliant on something that could ultimately go pear-shaped. The WWW staff from Perth explains why.

What technology is available to the fitness community?

These days you can measure almost anything electronically – workouts, heart rate, miles biked or walked and more, and have them analysed by uploading the data to an app. This technology helps to set fitness goals and amend your current workouts to better fit said goals.

For instance, there are heart rate monitors, such as the Mio Alpha and WearIT that display your results during a session, enabling you to work out at the pace you’re meant to at the time. FitBit is a popular gadget that clips on the wrist and keeps track of calories burned, steps walked and even how many hours you sleep. The FitBit Flex also has a sleep alarm.

What to watch out for

Technology is helpful but like anything else, there is margin for error. Your FitBit, for instance, might become glitchy or you could interpret readings incorrectly. Since accuracy is important to you, it’s a good idea to take several readings if you can. You don’t want to end up overeating if your gadget tells you have burned more calories than you really did.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with charting your workouts the old fashioned way, if that’s what you prefer to do – but today’s technology makes it just that much easier for you.

The future of fitness in the 21st century is here and it has binary code written all over it.