Over 50’s

Whether you’re new to exercise or if you’ve exercised your whole life, this is perhaps the most important time of life to have a workout habit.

We are now well aware that exercise is effective in fighting many aspects of ageing.

Exercise has been shown to curtail many diseases including diabetes, osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases and even to have positive effects against cancer, depression and alzheimers. Not to mention the quality of life arising from confidence in your body’s abilities. Being happier, healthier and more confident sounds like a great way to enjoy the rest of your life! Our trainers have extensive experience with the requirements for exercise for over 50’s and we look forward to welcoming you into our workout space.

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“Following a medical procedure I was advised to join a gym club, and after trying two prior clubs I found I wanted to continue exercising but elected to make a change of clubs. I was fortunate enough to join WWW, where the atmosphere and staff are great.

They also offer a special session for balance improvement every Friday, so if you are needing this I am sure the club will welcome you. So whatever your requirements might be, just pay the club a visit and I know you won’t be disappointed.”

Dawn Cameron (age 90 years)

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