Energy Packed Afternoon Snacks as Good as a Cup of Coffee

By September 1, 2014 No Comments

Banish the afternoon slump with these tasty alternatives to your usual cuppa.

Everyone goes through it as some point – that part of the afternoon where you begin losing steam. Whether at home on the sofa or at your office desk, the hours between 2 and 4 seem to hit full on like a steam train. Lots of folks reach for a cola or coffee to jump start – but this isn’t a wise option, say nutritionists.

As Perth fitness trainers, we not only focus on workout regimes. We also want to help improve everyone’s well-being, even during their daily routines.

Healthy Snacks by Perth Fitness Trainer

Now, if you knew of several healthful ways to beat the afternoon slump without resorting to caffeine, wouldn’t you try it? Take a look at the suggestions below.

Be prepared

You should try to have healthful snacks on hand in your desk or handbag to fight fatigue as well as snack time hunger. Nutritionists suggest treats with carbs, protein and good fats. Those good fats are the catalyst to sustaining energy.

Fruit and nuts

Specifically, almonds, and preferably unsalted. Fruit has natural sugars that are good for you, as well as carbs, and the nuts provide good fats for energy. Just keep the nuts in moderation – fats are still fats, after all. Try to avoid the commercially prepared “trail mix” and make your own.

Cheese and chips

No, not the oddly-coloured, artificial stuff, but good quality, baked chips made from black beans, quinoa or other whole grains, and paired with a soft spreadable low fat cheese. The combination of whole grains and protein will give you enough of a boost. It feels like you’re eating something naughty, but enjoy, because, you aren’t.

Low fat milk or water

Dehydration is nothing to sneeze at, and if you’re super thirsty, it will have an effect on your energy levels. Nutritionists recommend a small bottle of low-fat milk – plain or flavoured – or even a bottle of good, cold water. Adding a lemon squeezed into the water will add some vitamin C and raise your mood.