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How to Feel Fuller for Longer

By November 6, 2014 No Comments

If you’ve got an appetite that just won’t quit, don’t despair – our Perth fitness trainer has some tips.

Believe it or not, you are in control of your body! There are a few neat ways to ‘trick’ your body into doing what you want! When it comes to eating habits, they die hard…only if you let them. Master mind over matter, and teach your body some new tricks and conquer your appetite.

How to Feel Fuller for Longer

Eat more fruit and veggies

Good old veggies and fruit to the rescue – again! Trick your tummy into thinking it’s full by loading up on high fibre fruits or vegetables. The water content in most fruit and veg will also give you a feeling of fullness – such as celery, iceberg lettuce and oranges. Consuming apples, carrots and broccoli will provide loads of necessary fibre and help you eat almost 10% less during the course of a day.

Become a sourpuss

No, we don’t mean for you to become grumpy, but rather you should begin eating foods with vinegar. Vinegar has the ability to lower your blood sugar levels, which keeps you from feeling ravenous. You can sprinkle your salad with a vinaigrette dressing, enjoy pickled vegetables or hit your local Chinese restaurant for some hot and sour soup. Apple cider vinegar – a tablespoon per day – also helps keep your appetite at bay.

Other rock star moves

Keep these tricks in your appetite-busting arsenal as well: drinking a glass of water before each meal; sprinkling chili powder or chili pepper flakes on your food; eating one (and just one!) square of dark chocolate before the dessert course; enjoying a handful of nuts, such as almonds or cashews before a meal.

And, as always. . .

Don’t forget to stick to your exercise routine. A good workout, whether you exercise every day or just a few, is key to keeping the weight off and your body healthy and strong. Healthy eating and exercise go hand in hand – always!

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