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Is Your Job Making You Gain Weight? How to Fight Back

By December 18, 2014 No Comments

Whether you work at a desk or not, your job could be making you fat!

Ah, the stress of a modern workday. Even if you have a posh job, just being behind a desk 8 hours a day, five days a week can wreak havoc. Unless you’re predisposed to be skinny, you may not be aware that your job is slowly sabotaging you. Consider these issues and solutions from our Perth fitness trainer:

Eating takeaway food

Scenario: Business meeting runs overtime, but everyone is allowed a 30 minute break to grab lunch. Of course you didn’t bring from home, so you dash to the closest takeaway and run back to the office.

Job Making You Gain Weight

Problem: Takeaway food tends to be high in fat, loaded with salt and generally none too healthful. Another worry is if you eat at your desk, you may tend to mindlessly gobble whilst poring over Internet news. Before you know it, lunch is gone and you’re still hungry.

Solution: Try to pack a healthy lunch the night before, such as a soup/salad combo or even last night’s (homemade) leftovers. Bring healthy fill-in snacks such as nuts or fruit, which contain fibre to keep you feeling fuller.

Sitting. . .and not moving

Scenario: You work at a call centre or another job that requires plenty of time behind the desk. Essentially, you’re ‘chained’ there without frequent reason to stand up and walk around.

Problem: Whilst sitting for lengths of time, your muscles “sleep,” causing your metabolism to sink.

Solution: Take a few minutes – even if it is just one minute – to rise from your desk and do a moving activity. Walk around the office to get tea; go up and down a few flights of stairs; or, if you can, walk around the outside of your building at least once. Moving around in short increments throughout the day decreases the risk of type 2 diabetes as well as deep vein thrombosis.