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Is Stress Damaging Your Body?

By October 21, 2014 No Comments

Stress can silently undo your body from the inside out.

You may know when you’re under stress, but you may not know the internal problems that stress is causing your body. Here are some of the physical problems stress can cause and some of the ways to combat it.

Destressing Into Your Daily Fitness Regime

Stress can delay your chances of becoming pregnant

It’s pretty well known the more relaxed you are in body and mind, the easier it can be for you to fall pregnant. However, when the body is going through a stressful episode, higher levels of alpha-amylase in the body (caused by the stress) make it more difficult to conceive and even in some cases point to higher infertility rates.

Experts say worrying whether or not you’ll become pregnant is a definite no-no – just let the body and mind relax, and let nature take its course!

Being stressed can instigate migraine headaches

No one appreciates when a migraine hits, and the odd part about stress-related migraine headaches is that they usually occur after a stressful event goes away. It’s called ‘delayed stress effect,’ caused by a build-up of cortisol during the stress event. As stress decreases, so does cortisol, which originally delayed the headache. It’s part of the body’s natural ‘fight or flight’ reaction.

Take a breather

It’s more than just a saying. Taking a few moments to stop what you’re doing and to breathe properly can help combat current and future stress episodes. (You can work breathing exercises into your fitness program for added benefits.)

Breathing at a slower rate will help reverse the effects of stress as well as decrease your heart rate and blood pressure. Even two minutes’ worth of controlled breathing is beneficial. How to do it? Pick a quiet spot, breathe slowly through your nose, and pay attention to the rate and depth of how you are breathing. Concentrate on that and aim for slower, deeper breaths.

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