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Are You Eating for Your Age?

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Put away the cupcakes and potato chips and start eating the right foods for your age.

If you’re approaching or have hit menopause, your body’s going through the most changes ever since puberty. It’s time to take extra care of yourself – get rest, start a fitness program and eat the ‘right’ foods for your age.

Eating The Right Foods For Your Age

20s through 40s

From your 20s through your 40s, your body is at its most efficient. Standard health and dietary recommendations will usually work for you. Eat lean meats (unless you are a vegetarian) and fresh, whole foods, especially fruits and vegetables. Avoid processed foods and refined sugar. A green-sourced multivitamin can be very helpful, too.

What your body needs in your 50s

Now that menstruation has ceased, cut back sources of iron – such as red meat – that helped with blood loss. Make certain to get enough protein whether you’re an omnivore or a vegetarian, and mind your calcium intake, which guards against bone loss.

Doctors recommend increasing your consumption of antioxidants which protect against chronic illness and diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Foods for the 50s

Foods with phyto-oestrogens, such as tofu, edamame and other soy products, assist with balancing hormones and easing some of the unpleasant effects of menopause. Plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables – especially those with a high water content, such as green lettuce and watermelons – help the water content in your body to flush away toxins.

Try to avoid eating loads of spicy food, which warms the body and mimics hot flushes. Avoid drinking too much alcohol, and instead go for filtered water and sugar-free fruit juices. Caffeine should be consumed at a minimum, but if you need your morning cuppa, green tea is a better option.

What your body needs in your 60s

You’re past menopause – yet taking care of yourself is more critical than ever. As you age, you’re more susceptible to common colds, flu and serious ailments such as high blood pressure (hypertension) and arthritis.

Foods for the 60s

Bowel health is important at this age, so stock up on high fibre foods and whole grains, which help keep your system moving along. Continue taking antioxidants, found in blueberries, acai and green tea, which guard against memory loss.