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Overweight? Emotional Eating Could be the Culprit!

By November 27, 2014 No Comments

Keeping your appetite in check may be a key to losing weight. Our Perth trainer has some info.

If you’ve experienced a difficult time, gone through personal hardships and tend to reward yourself with food after a trying time, then welcome to the world of ‘emotional eating.’

Psychological reasons for emotional eating

There’s always a scene in films where the main character (and yes, almost always a woman) on the sofa with a bag of chips or a big dish of ice cream, weeping over a breakup with her boyfriend or a similar personal turmoil. While the onscreen character eventually escapes it, in real life it can be problematic.

In the presence of a stressful time, emotional eating replaces physical hunger. As alcohol is to some people, food is, in this instance, a coping mechanism. Left unchecked, emotional eating can create a host of physiological problems, leading to poor health.

Overweight Eating Healthy Foods

The problem with ‘comfort food’

Comfort food is indulgent and often bland food that makes you feel better – and everyone has an idea of what soothing foods redact emotional hardships. For some, it’s a bowl of macaroni cheese; others turn to ice cream, salty snacks, pizza or pasta.

This psychological eating places people at risk for obesity or becoming overweight, diabetes and cardiovascular problems, especially if it occurs on a regular basis.

Making changes

Fight the urge to overindulge with food when you’re experiencing an emotional time. Taking a long walk releases serotonin, which unleashes feel-good hormones. Engaging in painting or another form of art, listening to music and even hitting the fitness gym for a workout – can distract you from food, temporarily, at least.

Delicious differences in food

Making better food choices can make all the difference. Instead of reaching for donuts, try foods that boost serotonin naturally, such as cheese, nuts, eggs and beef. Just be mindful not to indulge too much – remember, a little goes a long way and your body (and mind) will thank you for it.