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Can Resistance Training Improve Your Memory?

By November 25, 2014 No Comments

Recent research has found evidence that it is possible.

Is it possible to work your arm and leg muscles and reap the benefits brain-wise? Lifting weights may assist in strengthening your memory, too. It is entirely possible, researchers say, to correlate strength training with a sharper mind.

Resistance Training Improve Your Memory

How does it work?

After undertaking studies with a select group of subjects, researchers have found that people are able to better recall certain events after the body has been stressed. Lifting weights, which subjects the body to a form of stress, has an impact on the brain, effectively strengthening it as well, in the process.

Those studies showed that even a brief bout of lifting weights helps to improve memory by close to 10%.

Exercise and brain development go hand in hand

It’s also been shown that other types of exercise – such as aerobics, running or even walking, help improve heart rate and the flow of blood to the brain, thereby strengthening the brain in the process.

Previous research asked people to partake in a study, where the subjects were asked to memorise given information prior to their workout rather than after. The idea as a whole showed that when a body is placed under stress, such as exertion, previously learned information is ‘locked’ into the brain.

The study showed that even short exercise stints had a positive effect on brain activity and memory retention.

Warwick Women’s Workout can assist you in body and mind

Recently, WWW imported PACE hydraulic equipment for our fitness facility in Perth. When utilising these machines you are able to use twice as many muscle groups as you would using regular resistance machines. Essentially, we can help you work your muscle groups and boost your memory as a result!

Let Warwick Women’s Workout be your fitness gym! We welcome women of all ages to enjoy using our high-quality equipment in order to get into and remain in top shape!